I am in LOVE with this product! I have dry, thick, coarse hair and this product makes it feel light, wavy, shiny!!!! Thank you Keratin de Luxe Premium❤️

Ioana Lapusan

Finally had the chance to try these amazing hair products and I can honestly say they are life changing!

Ramona Gavrila

After discovering Keratine De Luxe my hair has never been healthier ! It’s transformation felt as tho it had occurred over night ! My hair went from being thin and brittle to thick and luxurious! I truly recommend this amazing product to anyone who has colored hair and uses heating tools to style ! You will not be dissatisfied!


The Importance of Keratin

After 22 years of working as a hairstylist, I can say that I have tried all the hair masks available on the market, from affordable to professional and high-end. Throughout all these years, not only I paid close attention to my clients, but I also made a promise to myself to find the perfect formula that not only is affordable but also transforms damaged hair into healthy hair.
Are you tired of experiencing dull, frizzy or dry hair? Do you have difficulties styling your hair? The solution is here! Keratin de Luxe Premium products will reconstruct your hair by providing the necessary hydration and nutrients.

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Keratin de Luxe Premium

When you infuse your hair with a fresh dose of keratin, you can expect your hair to be softer, smoother, and less prone to frizz. If you have brittle, damaged hair, keratin products can replenish and protect your hair's natural keratin protein, thereby reversing some of the damage and preventing future breakage.